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17 January 2010 @ 06:02 pm
DREAM I - Thailand - 100117 - One Shot  
I don't know how to explain...I avoir half-reality and half-dreams;] I mean that I dream about when I fall asleep and later when I wake up wink.gif At that time are THE BEST dreams! cool.gif Sometimes I just seting, thinking or imagine about some situation where I want to be =] But it's all my clear dreams! smilee.gif I wrote it as a short stories in order to looks and read better -.gif I little color my dreams cuz it would be cut off without ending. As you know dreams all the time star not from beginning and not ending^^ But this what I wrote is 99% what I dreamt! laugh.gif

DREAM I - Thailand - 100117 - One Shot

I dreamed of that I was in Thailand when Donghae and Siwon were shooting a program on Ko Kret II. I was one of the few European fans, the rest was Asians so I stand out. Flowed with the ELFs in the boat next to Hae and Won. Many fans waved and shouted as hysterical in the direction of the boys, but they not always wave back. At some point I noticed the Donghae is quite close to me, I waved and smiled to him. He noticed me immediately then waved, and send me one of his KILLING smiles.I was happy with the thought of the legs under me break down. One of the Thai girls noticed it and with angry in her eyes she looked at me and pushed me in the water! I fell with vengeance. I began to shed and shout:
- Help me! I can’t swim – I shouted as drowning.
Fans looked up at me and giggled. I thought, in the depths of the soul:
-What a mean girls! Wrr ... not get them to dry!
Still waved helplessly looking for help without the effect ...no one heard me. Suddenly I noticed that on the SuJu boat someone pick up and heard my crying for help. It was Hae, without hesitation, took off his sweater and jumped into the water. After a while people from the team dragged us on board. Fishy put me on the floor, but unfortunately I was not conscious.
- Yaaa, kwenchana? Yaa - patting me lightly on the cheek.
Siwon steel side and watched with amazement the whole incident. After his head he went different thoughts:
-Dear God! How they could push the girl into the water ... and what would have happened if she had drowned? She’s all soaked. ...good that's isn't cold she don’t get sick ...
Donghae still trying to rouse me, but in vain. Seeing that it does not, he leaned over me and started making artificial breathing mouth to mouth. He repeated this several times until at I awoke with eyes wide open and Hae lips stick to my mouth. Shocked to be picked up.
- Uh, what happened? Where am I? Goosh I'm all wet ajgooo! - looking at clothes.
Hae looked at me, smiled and said:
- Do not worry I'm wet too. Good that nothing happened to you...I've noticed you in the last second . - he replied, smiling most beautiful as he could.
At the moment when he said it I looked at his wet torso, which becomes apparent from the wet T-shirt. After his face, arms and torso were flowing water droplets. He looked so hott & sexyyy, so I thought that I'll throw up on him and devour him alive. I watched as the hand sweeps his hair up, almost I don’t flowed slink.
- Komawoyo, Donghae-shii - repled, smiling to him.
He just blinked his eyes and stroked my wet head.
- Kaja, disguise yourself. - Hae said and go down under the deck.
Donghae went after things to dress up and I stood shivering with cold. After a while, he came with a slight smile on his face.
- Unfortunately, we do not have women's clothes, but you can slip into mine - he replied with pride and a grin from ear to ear.
- Komawo, you're really nice and good-natured - smiled, turning with blushes on my face and I went towards the bathroom.
Moments later, I left a little embarrassed, wearing Fishy clothes. He looked at me and smiled.
- And? How do I look? A little too big, but it is not bad - I answered, shaking from side to side.
- Yeppo! Chongmal yeppo! - he said grabbing my hand in order to I sat down near him.
Very quickly we got in touch. We talked, laughed like a couple of good old friends. And fans could only watch us from afar and jealousy. However me...I felt like I was in seven heaven!!!~ ~

---THE END---